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"Create an online magazine, events portfolio or an app for your fashion store."

Help your customers to :
  • Easily locate shops
  • Apply different search filters to locate malls
  • Navigate to shopping outlets
  • Store search results
  • Buy products online
  • View reviews and ratings
  • Rate products and share with friends

Health & Fitness

With fitness apps, your customers can :
  • Demonstrated instruction, photos, detailed procedure and videos for body workouts.
  • Create customized workouts and keep logs of daily exercise routines.
  • Track daily events related to diseases and share with health care provider.


  • Apps that boost your confidence and motivation levels
  • Enjoy delectable recipes from famous chefs
  • Online journal for logging thoughts, memories, reminders and notes.


"Give you clients a gaming experience like no other."

Help your customers to :
  • Let your young (as well as adult) customers have fun with iPhone apps that offer connectivity with social media platforms


"Enhance business productivity and revenues"

Let your business clients :
  • Start organizing and saving your sales leads, schedule follow-ups
  • Organize business development contacts in one place and while on the go.
  • Share information with your colleagues, and plan your designs from any place with 3G or Wi-Fi access.
  • Search for vendors which are nearest to his/her current geographical location.


  • Mobile encyclopedias with more than a 100 terms for different genres
  • Apps for improving a child's knowledge level
  • Language apps with interactive material to improve listening and pronunciation
  • PDF versions of books
  • Apps to stay connected with child's school and receive alerts


  • GPS range finder for sports enthusiasts
  • Keeps track and shares activities of sport players, promotes competitive spirit
  • Display real-time status of matches played, players and their scores


  • Showcase medical videos
  • Allow patients to keep medial logs of symptoms for better treatment do diseases
  • Interactive visual interfaces for easy communication of body pain


  • Allow your clients to store personal information in a secured manner
  • Synchronize entire calendars between different people even if the devices are registered under separate iTunes accounts.
  • Search phone numbers worldwide, keeps your phone book updated with your friend's latest Facebook pictures and birthdays


"Our travel apps act as your customer's travel companion!"

  • Allow your customers to book flights, hotel accommodations, taxi/cart hires, view train schedules, buy tickets and much more in just a few simple clicks.
  • Find restaurants in the vicinity and get exclusive deals and coupons.
  • Check out weather conditions of the travel destination and receive weather updates.


"Better financial management with our iPhone apps!"

  • Connects with certified finance professionals to help your customers make sound financial decisions.
  • Live prices of gold, silver, and stock markets


  • Create quizzes to test general knowledge of users and let them compare results with others.
  • Scan bar codes and get information regarding products
  • Location based apps to share News, Gossips & information on various subjects
  • Share songs, request songs and upload media library in the cloud.
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